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Empowering Asset and Facilities Managers to Optimise Building Performance and Sustainability

Deliver accurate, actionable and auditable data-driven insights with EP&T EDGE

EP&T EDGE Platform

All the data you need to optimise energy efficiency and minimise disruptions across commercial assets.

Streamline and automate data collection from submeters, IoT sensors and building management systems (BMS). Developed over 20 years, EP&T EDGE is the industry's trusted cloud platform for building efficiency data.

Global data capture capabilities 

Intelligent monitoring and analytics

Auditable data for ESG compliance

Powerful automated reports

Realise return on investment

Book a virtual tour of EP&T Edge and experience the industry's most trusted cloud data platform for building optimisation.

Resources and Insights for Asset and Facilities Managers

Learn how organisations are transforming their commercial building management for a sustainable future.

The Pivotal Role Facilities Managers Play to Reduce Carbon Emissions from Commercial Real Estate

Commercial real estate is a significant contributor to global carbon emissions. According to the International Energy Agency (IEA), buildings account for nearly 40% of global energy consumption and about 33% of carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions.

The Future of Office Space: A New Era of Innovation and Sustainability

EP&T Global is leading the charge by proudly announcing our gold sponsorship for the much-awaited Future of Office Space Summit 2024. As the premier platform for discussing the strategy, technology, and innovation in office environments, the summit promises to be a cornerstone event, taking place on March 19th at the Hilton Sydney hotel.

International Environmental Education Day – A Day for Change

Today, on International Environmental Education Day, we reflect on how education can inspire behavioural changes that benefit our environment. Every action counts in shaping a sustainable future, from our homes to our workplaces. At EP&T Global, we understand the power of informed choices and their positive impact on our planet.

Re-opening Buildings in a COVID World

“We have reached a time where planning for a safe return to normal activities has become a priority. Safe operation of HVAC and building water management systems are critical components of building readiness and reopening.”

Top Performing Buildings Need Monitoring and Analytics

Welcome to the transformation of specialist services delivery.

Best Practice Health & Energy Management – Asset Operation During COVID-19

Over the last several weeks we have been advising our customers and partners around the world how to best respond to the various challenges presented by the COVID-19 crisis. With a diverse customer base encompassing commercial/office buildings, retail, hotels, residential towers, clubs and hospitals, representing hundreds of sites spread across 18 countries, we have monitored and analysed an equally diverse range of site configurations and requirements.

Towards Net Zero

Through our EDGE Certifi Program, customers can access expertise and specialist knowledge to achieve industry leading accreditations and meet sustainability targets.


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