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Retail & Shopping Centre Portfolio

EDGE provides our Retail and Shopping Centre customers with utilities savings and advanced tenant billing capabilities for centrally supplied services, including time of day and extended trade scenarios.


Average Annualised Energy Savings


Average Annualised Savings


tCO2e Annualised Emissions Savings

“We see EP&T’s edge platform and services as a valuable tool to maximise operational efficiency at the Centre.  Without it, we simply wouldn’t have the time or resources to find opportunities as quickly or effectively as EP&T.”

Joanna Baginska, Centre Manager, Galeria Katowicka

EP&T Global has implemented its services and deployed the EDGE platform technology to retail and shopping centres around the world.

Similar to commercial offices, energy optimisation is extremely important for retail shopping centres and malls. Our expert implementation of monitoring and analytics technology provides a real-time ‘digital energy audit’ allowing our clients in the retail space to react to the ebb and flow of the demands on their properties.

Specific sources of energy savings include:

  • Accurate time scheduling and set points for air curtains & over door heaters
  • Identification of faulty sensors and actuators
  • Maximise operational efficiency of Variable Speed Drives
  • Pin-point BMS software faults through increased metered loads
  • Maximise free cooling by adjusting chiller time schedules and ambient lockouts
  • Optimisation of automatic lighting control systems
  • Continuous optimisation of HVAC set points to minimise heating and cooling conflicts
  • Optimisation of car park areas including lighting and extract fans
  • Matching condensor water flow rates to match space temperature demands
  • Measurement and verification of Capex projects