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Hotel & Hospitality Portfolio

80 Hotels, 3 continents, 20,000 rooms, 3.5 Stars to 5 Stars - All utilising the EDGE Platform.

EP&T have the experience to ensure your guests enjoy their stay while also delivering energy and water savings for operators and owners.

Performance across our EDGE Insight+ Customer Base


Average Energy Savings


Average Annualised Savings


tCO2e Annualised Emissions Savings

28 hotels across Europe, Australia and the Middle East covering 7,958 guest rooms and over 580,000 sqm in floor area utilise our premium EDGE Insight+ service.

The hotels encompass a range of operators including Hilton, Marriott, Accor and IHG and service levels range from 3.5 to 5 stars.

In all cases, the achieved savings have been greater than the fee to deploy EDGE Insight+, as shown:

  • Average annual fee per room = $219
  • Average annualised saving per room = $445

EP&T are engaged at hotels with the common objective of establishing an independent, ‘single source of truth’ from which the management team would deliver energy efficiency and cost reductions, which have included:

  • Active monitoring of CHP unit efficiency and optimisation of over-sized units where required.
  • Implementation of an automatic Chilled Water Temperature Setpoint Reset strategy to allow more efficient control of the chillers, particularly in cooler seasons.
  • Faulty BMS controllers and software programming causing excessive HVAC usage due to simultaneous heating and cooling of unoccupied spaces.
  • Isolation of overdoor heaters during warmer months to avoid unnecessary electric heating.