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Commercial Office Portfolio

42 office buildings across Australia, Europe and the Middle East utilise EDGE Insight+ and enjoy the benefits


Average Energy Savings


Average Annualised Savings per sqm


tCO2e Annual Emissions Reduction

“EP&T’s edge technology and services have provided us with valuable insight into how our buildings run and how we can eradicate wastage.  Our partnership with EP&T has unlocked significant financial and environmental benefits both for Derwent and our tenants.”

Justyna Tobolska, Sustainability Manager, Derwent London 

EP&T Global has deployed its EDGE platform technology and services for commercial office buildings around the world. Our top-tier EDGE Insight+ offering monitors and optimises over 900,000 sqm of Net Lettable Area (NLA).

Energy optimisation has a critical role to play as commercial office owners target energy and resources consumption reduction and net-zero carbon emissions. Our combination of purpose-built monitoring and analytics technology provides a real-time ‘digital energy audit’ of the building to identify wastage. In conjunction with our building optimisation services, we work collaboratively with site teams to convert opportunities into savings.

Energy savings can be found in multiple ways:

  • Identification of faulty sensors and actuators
  • Optimisation of flow and return temperatures
  • Maximising operational efficiency of Variable Speed Drives
  • Pin-pointing BMS software faults through increased metered loads
  • Maximising free cooling by adjusting chiller time schedules and ambient lockouts
  • Optimisation of automatic lighting control systems
  • Continuous optimisation of HVAC set points to minimise heating and cooling conflicts
  • Behaviour change, e.g. rationalising security and cleaning regimes
  • Matching condensor water flow rates to match space temperature demands
  • Measurement and verification of Capex projects