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Smart Building Big Data Analytics


Over the last 29 years of EP&T Global’s operation we have collected billions of data points from the built environment.

Around the world these spaces include commercial office towers, shopping malls, hotels, hospitals, clubs and many others. All the data regarding heating, cooling, water consumption, and energy use is nothing without technology and expertise to aggregate and analyse what it means. Data analysis drives action and efficiencies, not data on its own.

Knowledge is power, but it is what you do with it that counts.


So, about those 5 reasons why you need monitoring and analytics:

  • Your stakeholders. They could be tenants, shareholders, customers, channel partners, facilities management team, staff or all of the above, and each one is going to have specific demands of your building. Tenants don’t want to pay for a kWh more than their using. They want to use a space with the right comfort conditions. Shareholders expect returns, of course, but in recent years there is a rising expectation that those returns will also be ethical.

In 2020, assets managed by ethical investment funds rose a total value of $1.28 trillion. A 30% bump that accounts for 40 cents of every professionally managed dollar. (AFR) So the tailwinds are a-blowing and people are properly engaged with their money.

Customers, channel partners and staff are also looking behind the curtain. They want to know that the brands they shop, deal and work with have a code of ethics applied to the entirety of the value chain.

Special mention needs to be made of your facilities management team. They are the ones who are in the engine room of your property, keeping it all together. We know that what they’re looking for are solutions that make their contribution to a building’s operation not only more responsive and efficient, but also easier.

  • Your purpose. ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) is the acronym we should all be familiar with by now. And wherever you are on your ESG journey, operational data from your building will play an ever-increasing role in you achieving your targets and maintaining your ESG compliance. EP&T’s EDGE Intelligent System will automate reports that are tailor made to your needs. We are currently working with Sustainability teams and ESG consultants to apply the right technology solutions in buildings to enhance as well as simplify ESG reporting and compliance requirements.
  • Your bottom line. The cost of energy (electricity and gas) is for some of our international clients a major concern. HVAC systems can benefit tremendously from the type of monitoring and analytics that we provide. In commercial offices, where HVAC is the major end-energy user, our solution results in an average annual saving 34%.

The value of your property is directly linked to the level of its green certification. The resulting uptick from green certification like NABERS, GRESB and others for occupancy, rental income, and final asset sale price is undeniable.

  • Green loans and carbon Energy Savings Credits (ESCs). It’s well known that an organisation can borrow at a cheaper interest rate if it can prove that the finance will be applied to environmentally beneficial projects like solar panels, energy efficient lighting, equipment, and other green-centric commissions.

Also, as an Accredited Certificate Provider, we can help your business obtain ESCs worth thousands of dollars. Check out our ESCs Explained document.

  • Buildings account for over a third of the world’s carbon emissions. Depending on the size, age, and purpose of your building, CO2 emissions can run into the hundred of tonnes per year. Apart from the environmental imperative to lower, and hopefully, zero out these emissions, there is a big financial incentive. Financial regulators are pushing for businesses to incorporate climate risk into their modelling and planning for the simple fact that research into carbon risk is revealing a correlation between the size of a company’s carbon footprint and the risk of its default.

Our EDGE Intelligent System is the brains behind our product offerings. EDGE provides our team with the capability to make timely and precise recommendations to our clients so that they can achieve their business, environmental and sustainability goals.

Human needs drive the outcomes of our analytics. These needs are constantly changing and are a direct influence on the building energy management solutions we provide.

Get in touch with us to see how our subscription model ensures that you are getting the best value for money while doing your best for the environment.


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