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Potential Partners

Do you fit into one of these categories? We'd love to chat about partnership opportunities!

And if you don't, that's fine too! Reach out via the form below and our Partnerships team will be in touch.


Accountancy & Reporting

With a larger global push towards mandatory disclosure of climate impacts and risks, EP&T is looking to support the auditing and reporting sector with our Accurate, Auditable and Actionable data.

Consultancy & Architecture

EDGE monitors buildings over months and years, allowing for incredible breadth and depth of data for analysis in consultancy, especially over the course of recurring, long-term engagements.


Building Service Providers

Do you provide services to the commercial real-estate sector? We're always looking for partners who want to collaborate on delivering outstanding outcomes for our customers.

Typical backgrounds that would fit this category include BMS and HVAC contractors along with facilities management providers.


Software Platform Providers

Do your target users have issues gathering their building data for your platform? EP&T Global is a proven global data aggregator.

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Partnership Enquiries

Think we can all benefit from technical or referral style partnerships? Reach out to our team.

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