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Top Performing Buildings need Monitoring and Analytics

Building Optimisation Company

Energy-efficient buildings are more than a trend – they are an asset to any community. They feel better, cost less, and minimise their impact on the environment. But how do you know if your building is performing to its potential?

We believe that it is essential for building owners and facility managers to see optimisation as an investment rather than a cost. That’s where our unique and collaborative approach to monitoring and analytics, combined with our opex pricing model comes into play. Not only do our clients see an immediate return on their investment, there is also plenty of evidence to suggest that official recognition of building optimisation (via green ratings systems like GRESB and NABERS) has a positive effect on occupancy rates, rental returns and sale value.

In the lead up to 2050, when it is an environmental imperative for the world to be at Net Zero (or better), rapidly reducing the emissions from buildings is crucial.

So, how do we optimise a building?

As a world-leading building optimisation company, here’s a simple breakdown of the typical process for a commercial office tower.

  • Our engineering analysts perform a site assessment. In some cases this can be performed remotely
  • Sensors are accessed and/or installed throughout the building
  • Data is collected, aggregated and analysed via our EDGE Intelligent System
  • Our Technical Services team works with building operations and management teams to create solutions that reduce unnecessary wastage of water and energy
  • Automated alerts draw attention to actionable items 24/7 as well as future projects that will further reduce wastage
  • Regular reports clearly show progress and can be accessed by our clients at any stage

What makes us different is our in-house engineering expertise and massive data sets collected from over 29 years of operation as a building optimisation company. This has deepened the capability of the machine learning behind our EDGE platform.

But why do you need monitoring and analytics for your building? Put simply it’s because buildings are dynamic. Even the greenest, newest, highest-rated and award-winning property will need to be monitored in order to sustain its rating. Things change – weather, occupancy, hours of operation; equipment ages, even breaks; energy costs fluctuate. All these (and more) have a direct impact on a building’s sustainability rating and cost of operation, making monitoring and analysing your building data an essential part of sustainable environmental and business practice.

We are firm believers of the idea that the greenest and most cost-effective energy is the energy you don’t use. Talk to us today about the right products and services for your property.

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