Building energy efficiency


The relationship between ‘building intelligence’ and energy efficiency is undeniable. There’s really no excuse to have an underperforming building anymore.

Regardless of its age and design, something can always be done to reduce a building’s energy costs and carbon emissions as well as elevate its green ratings. In newly constructed buildings, developers and builders alike are ensuring that building energy efficiency and smart buildings is mandated, and the use of analytics and monitoring ensures that these construction benchmarks are maintained thereafter. 

Building Energy Efficiency is a GLOBAL priority. Utilising EP&T Global’s extensive and dedicated resource network globally, we are positioned to make a significant contribution to your business with our building energy management systems.

In Australia the National Construction Code now includes energy efficiency measures for all building classifications. The National Australian Built Environment Rating System (NABERS) allocates a 0-6 star rating to a building’s greenhouse performance and resource efficiency. All Government departments and many businesses are leading the push for more sustainable built environments by no longer taking residency in buildings under 4.5 stars.

In the UK the implementation of NABERS ratings will increase the need for businesses to take a proactive approach to building energy efficiency and smart buildings. We are well-positioned to assist businesses in the UK on their building efficiency journey.

Smart Buildings are possible. New or old, intelligence can always be improved in commercial buildings. Simply, the more sensors, the richer the data, the more information our EDGE platform has to work with.

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Greener ratings are increasing building value, occupancy rates and rental return.


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We are meeting rising expectations for greener ratings, more accurate billing, improved comfort conditions, more sustainable operations and a better working environment overall.


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We share the responsibility, provide easier daily operations and peace of mind.

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